Demon's Claws Satan's Little Pet Pig

Satan’s Little Pet Pig wastes little time turning the party loose, breaking out the moonshine jug and pouring numerous slugs of fortifying tunes. The Demon’s Claws’ latest disc ties together rock’n’roll fireballs "Shadow of a Castle” and "Wrong Side of Town” with jagged country ballads "That Old Outlaw” and "Gun to My Head.” Yelping and howling with a consistently endearing delivery, the Montreal band has forged a wild reputation, drawing high praise from many, including the Black Lips, who brought the group to the attention of In the Red. Blending ’60s and ’70s garage tones with the swamp rock stomp of the Beguiled, the Demon’s Claws deliver vigorous music. Recorded by Mike McHugh on the dark prince’s favourite day of June 6, 2006, Satan’s Little Pet Pig adds another impressive chapter to the group’s tales of hard living. (In The Red)