Deltron 3030 "Do You Remember" (video)

Deltron 3030 'Do You Remember' (video)
Things in the future aren't looking so hot to Del the Funky Homosapien, apparently. As proof, you can check out the rapper trying to remember the good times in the new video Deltron 3030's Event II cut "Do You Remember."

The video plays bleak, with shots of Del strutting along an oceanside, spitting out verses about early days when life was a little bit more pleasant ("Not to get too nostalgic but some of those things had value") mixed with present-day chaos. For instance, we see an old man begrudgingly waking up before hopping into a gold-plated wheelchair pushed by a caretaker with some grim responsibilities. Elsewhere, we see a pretty brutal bottle fight at a bar, with Mike Patton looking uncomfortable over the glass-smashing proceedings.

You'll find the future rap project's latest portrayal of what's to become of us via the video player down below.