Deftones' Chino Moreno Sheds Light on New Album

Deftones' Chino Moreno Sheds Light on New Album
Despite Chino Moreno semi-recently issuing a couple EPs with Crosses and announcing his new Palms project with a few Isis graduates, it's been a while since the vocalist delivered any new material with his long-running metal combo Deftones. It turns out we might get some new tunes from the troupe soon, though, as Moreno has revealed they've recorded a follow-up to 2010's Diamond Eyes.

Speaking with Billboard, Moreno noted that Deftones hope to have their as-yet-untitled new album out by October. The set was produced by Nick Raskulinecz and was apparently recorded relatively quickly, as per the work ethic set by Diamond Eyes.

"It was important that we wanted to not drag it out," he said, hinting that the band had previously taken their sweet time to finish up in the studio. "We have a well-documented history of taking forever to make records. But with our last record [Diamond Eyes], we did it in a really short, good amount of time, probably four or five months from the time we started writing until we finished it. For us, that was record time, so this time the idea was, 'Let's go in and start a record on this date and let's try to be finished by summertime and keep this work ethic we kind of stumbled upon on the last one,' and we did." 

While a detailed tracklisting has yet to appear, the singer/screamer said that the upcoming album is "not a super fast or slow record," and has "reached a peak" in regards to Deftones balance between aggression and moody atmospherics.

"Yes, we're a heavy band, but we're not just in-your-face aggro the whole time, punching you in the face. There's a lot of aggression in some of the music, but there's also this very soothing element where there's a lot of soundscapes rather than attack, attack, attack the whole time."

As for Palms, Moreno added that he's almost ready to record the vocals for the six "long as hell" songs that will be featured on the act's debut release.

"I don't know what it'll be like or when it's going to be done or released, but it's a project I think is pretty rad," he said.