Default The Fallout

This Vancouver unit's major label debut is one that will automatically wedge itself in the slots between overplayed commercial radio monsters and nightclub fillers. In other words, it is refreshing to hear. It is evident that no extra special magical radio-friendly black boxes were used on this recording, only an honest and dry expulsion of power coming from their souls. The vocals are practical and perfect, and they dominate the sound field; think of Eddie Vedder of the past overlapping with his present, backed by a stamina that is so vivacious that it is almost heat-score worthy of receiving a drug test in order to suspend disbelief. It's real, and there are no vulgarities detected; just lightened anthemic nu metal that was filtered until nothing but rock was left. In fact, one could call this an update of '60s family rock, minus the Leave It To Beaver aspect. (TVT)