The Decemberists in Talks with American Idiot Director for Their Own Musical

The Decemberists in Talks with <i>American Idiot</i> Director for Their Own Musical
For a full decade, Portland-based folk rockers the Decemberists have been telling vast, highly literate tales disguised as pop songs. It's the sort of over-the-top, flamboyant music that could be perfectly suited for the theatre. That's why, once they have released their sixth album The King Is Dead on January 18, they may bring their wordy songs to Broadway.

Recently speaking with Billboard, Meloy said, "People are constantly asking me to write musicals -- it's the cross that I bear... I grew up doing theatre, so in theory, I would love to write a musical. I don't know if I have the stuff -- I always end up just writing little pop songs that stand a better chance on a record than on stage."

 Despite those "little pop songs," Meloy has been in talks with a big name Broadway director who just might be able to insire him. "It happens that the director Michael Mayer, who directed Green Day's American Idiot musical on Broadway, is the guy that got me going about doing a musical," Meloy revealed. "We're still talking and there's potential for a musical down the line, for sure."

Those familiar with the Decemberists' work will not be surprised by Meloy's historical and drastically specific idea for a musical. Billboard explains that he's considering a musical about miners in Butte, Montana near the turn of the century. That theme already inspired The King Is Dead track "Rox in the Box."