Debbie Harry Says She Was a "Consenting Adult" When David Bowie Flashed Her

"Most women would really die to be in that room … You have to consider the context"

Photo: Chris Bubinas

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Jun 20, 2023

Debbie Harry has doubled down on her defence of David Bowie after detailing a time when he flashed her in her 2019 memoir.

The Blondie bandleader spoke about the encounter in her book Face It, saying Bowie whipped it out after Harry gave him and Iggy Pop some cocaine. "A friend had given me a gram, but I had barely touched it. I didn't care for coke too much — it made me jittery and wired and it affected my throat," she wrote. "So I went upstairs with my vast quantity of cocaine and they just sucked it right up in one swoop."

She continued: "After they did the blow, David pulled out his cock — as if I were the official cock checker or something. Since I was in an all-male band, maybe they figured I really was the cock-check lady… David's size was notorious, and he loved to pull it out with both men and women. It was so funny, adorable and sexy."

Now, Harry has clarified that she was a "consenting adult" in that moment in a recent interview with The Times. When reporter Ed Potton implied that some women may be uncomfortable by Bowie's forwardness, Harry responded with a laugh. "I think you should rethink that. Most women would really die to be in that room ... You have to consider the context — I was a consenting adult, shall we say. I believe that that is really the borderline."

Harry, Bowie and Pop were close for many years. Earlier in the interview, Harry joked about the latter, saying, "I'm sitting on his face right now." She revealed to Potton that she wasn't bluffing, as she was sitting on a pillow with Pop's face on it.

In other recent Harry news, the icon is set to appear on Dolly Parton's rock album later this year.

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