Death Grips Talk Upcoming 'No Love' Album

Death Grips Talk Upcoming 'No Love' Album
After blowing minds with their 2011 Exmilitary mixtape and signing with Epic Records, Sacramento doom rap trio Death Grips are planning an enormous year. Not only has their major label debut The Money Store recently dropped, but they have their next full-length effort nearly in the can as well.

 The sophomore album is called No Love and is expected to drop in the fall of this year. Speaking with Exclaim!, the group explained that the album will follow the same path as their previous efforts while pushing new ground.

"No Love is two-thirds complete and sort of a culmination of our two previous releases," the band explain in an interview. "We think it'll end up being the heaviest thing we've made so far on many levels. It's striking us as the closest we've gotten to what our initial vision of what Death Grips would sound like. We have the feeling and it's pretty absolute that this album will contain our most future-forward and potent material. "

They continue by explaining the sound a little more, saying, "It's emotionally raw and direct; the sound is indescribable, it's very beat oriented. It has some of the guitar-driven elements that we touched on with Exmilitary but they aren't exactly being generated by a guitar."

Ultimately, No Love will fit into a larger goal for the band, which they describe as "altering states, including our own with sound and vision. We aim to enhance reality through self expression and very real music."

 Stay tuned for more details no No Love as they become available. For now, check out all Death Grips' upcoming tour dates here.