Top 10 Rap Mixtapes of 2011

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> Dec 14 2011

Top 10 Rap Mixtapes of 2011 -  Page 8
By Josiah Hughes4. Death Grips

This doesn't just sound like the future, it sounds like the end of the world. Sacramento-based rap collective Death Grips get pissed off and vaguely culty over some insanely fucked beats, and the result is both terrifying and impossible to turn off. With Zach Hill involved with the production, the music is ridiculous and all over the place, and there are samples from Charles Manson and others peppered throughout. If there was a way to market this kind of pissed-off weirdo rap, these guys would be huge. Regardless, Exmilitary demands repeat listens.

Death Grips - Exmilitary by deathgrips
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Great list! Thanks. Lots of stuff I haven't checked out yet.
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How is "Exmilitary" by Death Grips a mixtape? It's a full album of original music released on Sargent House. Awesome album, but I don't understand the designation.
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Exmilitary came out as a mixtape first before getting any kind of commercial release. As an aside, I have it on an actual tape too, not that that means anything hahaha
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i'm really disappointed with this list. being honest. i suggest you run this by freddie foxx in the future. there is a lot mentioned that aint even close to rap. r
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drocabulary !
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