Death From Above 1979 "Virgins" (acoustic version)

Death From Above 1979 'Virgins' (acoustic version)
We're generally used to Death From Above 1979 tracks being soaked in distortion and the sound of crashing cymbals, but the Toronto duo have delivered a low-key, acoustic take on The Physical World's "Virgins" for a new digital release.

The original was a fuzzed-out stomp that found drummer Sebastien Grainger wondering where all of the titular virgins had gone. The redo may have you wondering where the distortion went, but the band get through the nimble update with pleasurable strums and piano chords.

The song can be streamed below, and purchased as part of a two-song "digital 7-inch" with the original track. That's the Velvet Underground-referencing artwork up above, whose blood-dipped banana image may raise more than a few concerned eyebrows.

In other news, the band reported earlier this week that visa issues have forced them to cancel a few upcoming U.S. dates, including their Live at Third Man appearance in Nashville, TN. It's as yet unclear if a make-up date will bring them back to Third Man Records to track a live LP.