Death From Above 1979 Album Teaser

Death From Above 1979 Album Teaser
We already knew that Death From Above 1979 had an album in the works, and now they've seemingly confirmed the impending arrival of new music with an audio snippet on their website.

Those who head to will hear a brief, brain-frying loop. There's no indication as to what exactly this means, but it certainly appears to be hinting at something more, since a link on the website leads to a Reddit board devoted to updates from the duo.

Go here to listen.

DFA1979's Sebastien Grainger told Exclaim! back in the fall that the band were working on a new record, but there was no timeline for its completion. "We don't want to make a nerdy, technical record or an unsexy, super adult record," he said.

Last Gang Records previously indicated that it would be releasing the album sometime in 2014.

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