The Dears

End Of A Hollywood Bedtime Story

BY Scott WilymanPublished Jul 1, 2000

There was a time when tearjerkers were not the sole domain of glossy Disney-like soul or new country. Montreal's "Switched-On Orchestral Pop Romantique" the Dears have created an emotionally tortured gem in a sea of musical autism. Bridging the gap between late '60s European heartbreak (a nod to Serge Gainsbourg) and modern underground fury (Crime And the City Solution), this sextet perfectly fuse the essences of both eras with a pained delivery by singer Murray Lightburn, even when he stretches to barely hit the notes. Layers of vintage, timeless keys (Farfisa VIP 500 et al.) are built upon anthemic chord progressions to create musical vignettes where loneliness, lost love and an oppressive urban skyline open wounds that only drink can cure. A great long player to wander lonely streets to.

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