DEAR-GOD Premieres "Buck" Music Video

DEAR-GOD Premieres 'Buck' Music Video
Robert Ortiz, more commonly known in the music scene as DEAR-GOD, has released the accompanying music video for his recent experimental single "Buck."

With the help of some of their friends, the Brampton native and his sister have directed all of DEAR-GOD's music videos, adding that extra '80s grunge feel to each one.

The artist explained in a statement:

This song has a lot to do with self sabotage and trying to be someone you're not. To counter that idea, I wanted to make a video that was about freedom and finding a safe haven. This video is about pulling kids out of their cuffs and leading them to liberty. All kids today are struggling to find their true selves in a world of superficiality and constant oversocialization. It's very easy to fall into the deep end.

At the beginning of the "Buck" music video, you hear a voicemail recording, which is a genuine voicemail left on 1-844-4DEARGOD. The number was set up for the release of the single, and DEAR-GOD encouraged fans to call in and simply explain "How 2 B Dope as Fuck." Thoroughly appreciating this response by a young fan, Ortiz decided to incorporate it into the song.

DEAR-GOD's upcoming EP 1-844-4DEARGOD is coming out via Terrible/Dine Alone.

Watch the "Buck" video below.

(Dine Alone)