DBC Unreleased

Even as far back as ten years ago, Quebec was a breeding ground for mind-numbing progressive metal, as this six-song EP from the now defunct DBC proves. These songs were recorded in 1990 and 1991 for an album that was to be released by Combat, but never saw the light of day. DBC played bizarre, futuristic cyborg metal, influenced heavily by Voivod. The riffs are zigzagged mazes of inverted mathematical equations backed up with an equally adept rhythm section and great sci-fi lyrics warning of the surreal future to come. Even by today's standards the songs on this disc sound impressive - the composing skills and playing ability of all the members are very technically proficient, but not so much that it leaves the listener alienated and annoyed. Moshing is still possible, with DBC playing a sort of populist progressive metal with a human touch left over from their earlier and punkier days. This is prog metal at its best, up there with the heavyweights, but sadly forgotten. (Galy)