Dayglo Abortions

Holy Shiite

BY Stuart GreenPublished Nov 1, 2004

Like a punk rock version of South Park, Victoria’s scum-core legends are equal opportunity offenders. They’re willing to skewer anyone and anything and the less politically correct, the better. The band’s Ian Blurton-produced eighth studio release finds them tackling the complex subject of global terrorism with foul-mouthed and reckless abandon as only the Dayglos can do. But not content with just attacking the terrorists, vocalist Cretin is out to lambaste just about everything that’s sacred to mainstream culture, scientologists or Mötley Crüe fans. Pretty much exactly the kind of gutter punk you’d expect from these guys, although I so miss the break-neck pacing speed metal punk fusion of their landmark Feed Us a Fetus and Here Today…discs.

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