Dave Mustaine Shits on Politics, Bassists

Dave Mustaine Shits on Politics, Bassists
In typically cranky and self-important fashion, Megadeth's Dave Mustaine has taken a big verbal dump on those mixing music and politics. Making an appearance on Good Morning America, Mustaine criticised Presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee's bass playing, accusing the candidate of "rockstaritis," and suggesting the art of bass playing is only "one step up from playing the kazoo." Maybe if the egotistical dictator was capable of skipping a guitar solo now and then he'd have greater understanding of what other instruments can do.

Dave also insisted he'd be a great campaign ally, being the "unofficial elected official of the disenfranchised youth of America." He claimed that "even though I'm not 18 anymore, I do still have an 18-year old inside of me."

I guess he's convinced his work with Rock the Vote in 1992 (see videos below) is still valuable currency in the political rock world since, "I'm the only one in metal that I know of [who has been] a participant in getting a bill passed into law, so I am ingrained in the history of this country."

Mustaine furthered his attack on politically-minded musicians last year in an interview with Metal Edge, adding: "I think as far as politics are concerned in music, most musicians shouldn't say anything unless they're willing to get into the trenches and fight." All this from the ignoramus whose claim of validity stems from turning in his Selective Service card but not getting drafted in 1979. Drafted for what Dave? Vietnam ended in '73. As he told politicians of music, maybe Mustaine should leave politics to the professionals.

Dave Mustaine "Choose or Lose 1992"

Megadeth's Rock the Vote commercial