Darkest Hour Archives

Although not a single track from their back catalogue approaches last year’s spellbinding Undoing Ruin, Washington DC’s Darkest Hour have a surprisingly extensive discography. While those not familiar with their more recent output would be wise to skip over this, fans that have been searching for earlier, long out-of-print DH material will be more than satisfied. First up is their sophomore EP The Prophecy Fulfilled, which was the group’s first release to fully broach melodic death/thrash territory, and is easily the highlight of the disc. Alternate recordings are provided for three of that effort’s tracks, all of which are disposable. The group’s earliest effort, The Misanthrope EP, has not aged well, is abysmally produced and features a good deal more mid-tempo rumbling in the vein of earlier Earth Crisis. A sharp contrast to the melodic sheen of their current sound to be sure, but an interesting evolution to follow for the seasoned fan. A notable compilation for compiling pretty much every unavailable track the group have laid to tape, as well as for the noticeably more punk rock delivery, but otherwise a release strictly for the collectors and the obsessed. (A-F)