Daniel Caesar

Praise Break

BY Ryan B. PatrickPublished Sep 22, 2014

Toronto-based Daniel Caesar is further proof that imperturbable movements are afoot in the world of Canadian R&B. One can argue that unflappable things are always happening in the underground scene but there seems to be a cohesive movement occurring that's increasingly difficult to dismiss. Building off projects like his debut Birds of Paradise EP released not too long ago, the seven-track Praise Break EP is an explorative journey: meditations and ruminations on the concept of religion and spirituality.

As a singer-songwriter, Caesar's vocals are polished, his musicality on point and his ceiling far from being reached. Facile comparisons to Frank Ocean notwithstanding, tracks like the piano-driven "Chevalier," the creatively ambitious "We'll Always Have Paris" and the expansively electrical "Pseudo" all reside in a fearless musical pocket. And save for the overlong, overambitious "Porn Star," each track lands with impact. Indeed, with Praise Break, Caesar delivers an organic sonic entrée that promises a weightier course to come.

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