Dance Gavin Dance Dance Gavin Dance

Dance Gavin Dance are one of those bands that if you only listened to one of their songs you would peg them as a screamo band. Thankfully, spending an hour listening to Dance Gavin Dance isn’t an exercise in futility. Sacramento, CA’s DGD tend to wander in a few different directions on this album, which consists of hardcore influences, indie rock guitar and rhythms, as well as flourishes of jazzy bass and drum lines. "Hot Water On Wool” starts with an echoing, chunky guitar riff that’s joined by a guitar and drum line, showing off their ability to work outside of the hardcore music world, transitioning back to heavier music and vocals in a seamless fashion. DGD’s ability to sound very similar to Fall Of Troy is present and "Me And Zolof Get Along Just Fine” depicts how close they come but falls short since their musicianship isn’t as intense. Either way, their high and low-end vocals, double bass kicks and guitar work are remarkably composed. DGD have coined this their "Death Star album,” which will accompany other self-titled albums that are known by other names, such as the Blue Album (Weezer) and Black Album (Metallica). However, something tells me it won’t outsell the Black Album’s 15 million copies in the U.S. (Rise)