Dance Gavin Dance Part Ways with Vocalist Tilian Pearson

Photo: Paige Margulies

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Apr 15, 2024

Dance Gavin Dance have announced they have parted ways with vocalist Tilian Pearson.

"Dance Gavin Dance has always attempted to reconcile situations internally. But, after much consideration, we have as a collective decided to say farewell to our long-time member and friend, Tilian," the band wrote in a statement. "We wish him luck, along with our support and respect for his future endeavours in music and life."

In June 2022, Dance Gavin Dance announced that Pearson would be "stepping away" from the band after allegations of sexual assault were made against the vocalist. At the time, Pearson refuted the allegations and claimed the sexual relationship between himself and the accuser was consensual in a respective statement.

Months later, Dance Gavin Dance welcomed Pearson back to the band in November after the vocalist sought treatment for alcohol abuse. The band wrote at the time, "We are a resilient group who has always believed in redemption, and we have seen the hard work that Tilian has been doing to address and overcome an issue that has plagued him for years."

"We thank [Pearson] for his years of friendship and contribution during his time in Dance Gavin Dance. As people grow and change, creative differences can arise and life paths and goals may no longer align," the band's statement continues.

In a statement of his own, Pearson writes that "it's time for a new chapter. I will be focusing on making new music on a different canvas. I'm currently in the studio perfecting a new Tilian album and will be playing live shows to support it later this year."

Find both Dance Gavin Dance and Pearson's statements below. The band's most recent album is 2022's Jackpot Juicer.

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