Dan Mangan + Blacksmith

Bigfoot Stage, George WA, May 25

Photo: Kim Jay

BY Craig ShutkoPublished May 27, 2015

Dan Mangan + Blacksmith played the Bigfoot stage at Sasquatch on Monday (May 25), and due to some scheduling or perhaps some technical issues, the first 10 minutes of the show were Mangan sound checking his monitors. In the set, Mangan's vocals seemed a little off key at times — maybe evidence of the hurried setup?
As on their 2015 record Club Meds, Mangan and Blacksmith downplayed Mangan's acoustic roots in favour of a more traditional hard-rock-jam sound. They blew through many old hits including "Road Regrets" from the 2009 release Nice, Nice, Very Nice and, after an extended drum solo introduction, "Post-War Blues" from 2011's Oh Fortune.
Mangan has a likable stage presence, but Blacksmith were the real heroes of this show. Drummer Kenton Lowen jazzed up old tunes with smashing drum solos and guitarist Gordon Grdina brought the songs' needed speed and depth.
After playing "Forgetery" from Club Meds, they closed with "Rows of Houses," from Oh Fortune. Dan Mangan + Blacksmith have a pop charm, but their performance at Sasquatch seemed slightly distant at this performance, as though they were preoccupied.

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