Crimpshrine Treated to Limited Box Set from Numero Group

Crimpshrine Treated to Limited Box Set from Numero Group
In addition to creating the long-running Cometbus zine, Aaron Cometbus was also responsible for the legendary and highly influential Bay Area punk act Crimpshrine. After being out of print for far too long, the group's material is finally getting treated to a reissue.

The Numero Group is set to issue Free Box, an anthology that collects the band's demo and their albums Duct Tape Soup and Sound of a New World Being Born. Both LPs have been out of print since Lookout! Records shuttered in 2012.

The three record set will be housed in a side-loading box. While it doesn't have a release date, it's limited to 500 copies so you should probably pre-order it immediately.

If you can't get your hands on a box set, Numero will also reissue each record as a standalone LP.

Crimpshrine ran from 1982 to 1989 and launched the explosion of melodic punk in the Bay Area. Members of the band would go on to play in Operation Ivy, Go Sailor and Tilt.