​Corridor Main Stage, Field ON, July 21

​Corridor Main Stage, Field ON, July 21
Photo: Stephen McGill
Following an ambling set by funk-pop provocateur Un Blonde, fellow Montrealers Corridor stepped up to bring some urgency and purpose to this year's Main Stage lineup. Though they didn't technically inaugurate the stage that day, they may as well have, bringing a sizeable crowd to the stage to bop their heads to their plentiful guitar hooks.
Delivering a blistering blend of post-punk and angular rock, the Francophone quartet quickly endeared with their energetic delivery. Sprightly, straightforward guitar lines suddenly gave way to mathy time signature trickery, positing the group as Quebec's answer to Cassette-era Preoccupations.
The band's versatility showed in the set's strongest moments. "Coup d'épée" from newly-released sophomore album Supermercado was led by Berthiaume's beefy, new wave bass tone, while set closer "Demain Déjà" came on strong with an opening guitar attack and stayed powerful with its propulsive krautrock backbone and airy, spoken vocals. The grooves were enough to get one adorable toddler dancing around the grounds all set long, much to the amusement of both the band and audience. Corridor's jubilant demeanour was also nice to watch; no matter how bizarre or off-kilter the music got, the band appeared to be having loads of fun on-stage — it was hard not to join them.