Converge Set Release Date for 'Caring and Killing' Vinyl Repress

Converge Set Release Date for 'Caring and Killing' Vinyl Repress
Back in January, Massachusetts metal/hardcore lords Converge revealed plans to release the first-ever vinyl pressing of early-days collection Caring and Killing, though they hadn't quite locked down the due date. It's now been confirmed that Hydra Head Records delivers the double-LP set on May 6.

As previously reported, the 16-song comp collects material recorded by the band between 1991 and 1994, including songs off their Halo in a Haystack LP, demo recordings, compilation tracks and some exclusive material. Caring and Killing had originally been issued on CD via European label Lost & Found and later by Hydra Head.

A press release for the set posits it contains "all the elements that have made Converge one of the most important hardcore bands of the last two decades — rapid bursts of angular aggression, jagged melodies, abrupt shifts in tempo and dynamic, scathing vocals and pummeling riffage."

The compilation was remastered for vinyl by Alan Douches at West West Side Music and is "sonically superior to any previous versions." The packaging, meanwhile, features a new layout by singer Jacob Bannon using "vintage artwork" from both him and Hydra Head founder Aaron Turner.

You can peep the previously teased cover art up above and pre-order the release here.

Caring and Killing:

1. Shallow Breathing
2. I Abstain
3. Two Day Romance
4. Fact Leaves Its Ghost
5. Becoming a Stranger
6. Antithesis
7. Dead
8. Tied to My Neck
9. Divinity
10. Blind
11. Sky
12. Down
13. Zodiac
14. Yesterday
15. Savior Salvation
16. But Life Goes On