Consumed Pistols at Dawn

Pistols at Dawn is the third instalment from these limey bastards and prodigal sons of blunt sarcastic wit, and it’s good to have them back. The 12 metallic punk songs à la Snuff/Guns N’Wankers composing this disc appear to be agitated from the heavily lubricated orifices of the band. Simply put, Consumed are tight, saucy, and no matter where their music comes from, it’s sweet, intense, and fuelled by golden nectar of some sort. Thankfully, while every other band is off riding someone else’s wagon, or bicycle, Consumed are maintaining their own niche and making their contribution to justifiable violence. However, they do occasionally write love songs too — "Not Today,” "Gut Buster” and "Glory Hole.” Just don’t expect a Hollywood ending. (BYO)