Concretes Boyoubetterunow

"Maybe I should go and see about you, collect some love, if you don't mind." Is anybody else out there spending a summer away from their baby? Victoria Bergsman, the lyricist, has and can help. If not to feel less lonely, at least we can listen to her sweet coos while we wait for the penance to end. The song structure is Americana pop with some great special effects: a horn section that sounds orchestrated by a melody stricken Dean Ween; ripping harmonica, à la Canned Heat; stings that are used for more than just sounding sophisticated. The synths are always vintage, the bass always rings true and there's some male vocal accompaniment for extra intrigue. It was undeterminable how this Victoria could sound so true, but like a toy almost. Then, perhaps, the mystery is solved - the Concretes are Swedish. (Up)