Concrete Winds Primitive Force

Concrete Winds Primitive Force
Bursting out of the remains of Finland's Vorum like an adrenalized, rabid beast, Concrete Winds seek to make their newfound form known far and wide as a force of unflinching violence and detestation for all, resulting in the cataclysmic impact of Primitive Force.
The mission statement practically writes itself: waste no second, pull no punch and leave no trace. This motto seems to run through every one of Primitive Force's songs, which savage the listener in the near-uncontrolled chaos of Conqueror or Revenge in "Sulphuric Upheaval" and "Angelic Laceration," yet while still retaining some incredible grooves that act like a lash around our necks to keep us subservient to the utter abuse that Concrete Winds are dealing.
Perhaps the prime example of this is in "Tyrant Pulse," which abandons the usual hyper-blasting formula in exchange for a meat-and-potatoes bass/snare groove that hits just as hard as its counterparts on the album.
Concrete Winds give the volatile nature of war metal an added glaze of death metal groove, giving no quarter to weakness. The band never loosen their grip, maintaining a startling level of energy that few bands can manifest, and which electrifies every facet of the music to become absolutely devastating.
Vorum are dead and Concrete Winds are definitely here to stay, with no intention of giving you the relief of their departure. (Sepulchral Voice)