Come and Rest


BY Bradley Zorgdrager Published May 8, 2015

It's a little sad when you can trace the entirety of a band's sound to other active bands, even if those bands are pretty great. In the case of Atlanta, Georgia's Come and Rest, the DNA is built upon the energetic drive of the UK's While She Sleeps, with the husky stomp of Continents and springy bounce (and similarly cracking vocals) of Deserters taking them to new heights.
Unfortunately, there's a glass ceiling that the band can't seem to shatter on Blacklist. They're nearly as catchy as While She Sleeps — the chorus in "Millennials" in particular — but there's something lacking; maybe the glass is just getting increasingly hard to penetrate as more and more bands begin to sound the same, wedging their metalcore in between nu metal and hardcore.
The airy "Dead Poet Society," which samples the (almost) titular drama doesn't help separate Come and Rest from the pack, either, as a glut of bands that have already done that, too. Still, to answer the question posed by Robyn Williams at the end of the track — "What will your verse be?" — this band's contribution to the greater metalcore "play" will be a competent though not overly original verse.

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