Coliseum and Burning Love Team Up for Split Live LP

Coliseum and Burning Love Team Up for Split Live LP
It's a good time to be a Coliseum fan. Just this morning (March 29), we reported that the Louisville, KY sludge lovers are coming up to Canada this May for a few no-doubt skull-crushing gigs. On top of that, you might remember that the band are also gearing up for the Record Store Day release of a split seven-inch with Superchunk that salutes the Misfits. Well, yet another split release has been announced by the crusty crew, and this time their cohorts are Canadian.

Live at the Atlantic Vol. 4 pairs Coliseum with revved-up Toronto punkers Burning Love. Both bands' sets were recorded at the Atlantic venue in Gainesville, FL, on June 27, 2010. The LP version of the concert memento will be released May 8 on Sound Study Recordings, while a CD version of the set will be released sometime later this year on Tee Pee Records.

On top of presenting both outfits' shared experience at the Atlantic last June, the album's artwork was created jointly by Coliseum's Ryan Patterson and Burning Love's David O'Connor. Check out the tracklisting below.

Live at the Atlantic Vol. 4:

Side A: Coliseum

1. "Skeleton Smile"

2. "Isela Vega"

3. "Lost In Groningen"

4. "Cloaked in Red"

5. "Perimeter Man"

6. "Punk / Money"

7. "Year of the Pig"

8. "Defeater"

Side B: Burning Love

1. "Momento Mori"

2. "Gain"

3. "Curse Breaker"

4. "Miserable Sound"

5. "Mess"

6. "Alien Vs Creditor"

7. "Money Shots"