Cold Cave "God Made the World"

Cold Cave 'God Made the World'
Wes Eisold's Cold Cave project have been busy pushing new work via singles. Following "Oceans with No End," the band are back with a new single called "God Made the World."

The track's another melodic synth anthem with mechanical beats and a hint of guitar, though it's one of the more pop-oriented Cold Cave works in recent memory.

The single also comes with the following message from Eisold:

I have noticed and overhead some confusion as to what the status and future plans are for my music from people other than me. I am not under contract with a record label now. I'm happy with my new music that I'm making alone now. I am happy to have the opportunity to continue releasing songs and singles to you as I choose without being concerned with conventions for now. I am working on an album but I am always working on an album and have yet to decide when or who will release it.

There's more to share soon. Dates, releases, etc. For now, know my heart is extended to you for whom I do this for.

Check out "God Made the World" below.