Coalesce There Is Nothing New Under the Sun +

As a (tentative) final swansong for the almighty Coalesce, Hydra Head has seen fit to re-release one of their more perplexing offerings: an EP composed entirely of Led Zeppelin covers. While this is compelling enough in itself, those who bought the original will be pleased to find alongside memorable renditions of classics "Black Dog” and "Immigrant Song” a host of other goodies, which makes a strong case for purchasing this alone. Included are "Bob Junior,” a bizarre folk rock rendition of lyrical fragments from Coalesce classic "You Can’t Kill Us All,” covers of Boysetsfire, Undertow and Black Sabbath, and freshly rerecorded versions of the original release’s acoustic numbers. Recorded post-break-up, along with their final official full-length, There Is Nothing is a strange time capsule, simultaneously documenting one of the most influential rock groups of the twentieth century and the most volatile tornado ever to tear its way across the Midwest. (Hydra Head)