Coalesce Give Them Rope She Said v2.0

Coalesce was permanently disbanded in 2002 after a turbulent history juggling an unforgiving touring schedule, the demands of their personal lives and alleged band tensions. Edison is delivering an appropriate tribute by re-releasing the first full-length effort by a band that has become a staple in the heavy music community. Originally recorded in 1997, this re-mastered edition, complete with new artwork by Matt Daley, comes as a reminder that Coalesce are still everything they have ever been hyped to be. Words cannot bring integrity to the thick guitar tracks, clever, piercing beats and tech-expertise when it comes to face mashing mosh. Their blend of extravagant discordance and precise, barrelling riffs are laid within the framework of frantic bursts of violence and chronic brutality. Their signature sound is matched with Sean Ingram’s unmistakable vocals in what has already become a classic record. (Edison)