Classified It Ain’t Over

Halifax has always been the bastard child of Canadian hip-hop, often being ignored, yet working hard to prove to themselves (if to no one else) that they can come just as good as anyone. Relegated to a back seat because they don’t get as much of the underground media attention as some of the other artists in the Maritime city, Classified and the Goods have dropped two releases recently that demonstrate the wide variety of sound in the Halifax hip-hop scene. Classified represents with his first piece of vinyl containing the three tracks from his three-song CD sampler, It Ain’t Over, that was released earlier this year and three new tracks recorded for this EP. For the most part Classified has created some lo-fi, dirty, commercial tracks that contain some nice live instruments and will probably get Class some radio play. Add to that a larger range of subject matter and a growing confidence in his flow and Class has just released his best collection of music yet. Too bad the song with Nathan C (“Who Got It?”) is such a low point. (Halflife)