Chromeo Detail 'Quarantine Casanova' EP

Dave 1 has also just formed the new Brothers Macklovitch project with A-Trak

BY Allie GregoryPublished May 28, 2020

Chromeo have been releasing a series "quaran-tunes" for a number of weeks now, and by popular demand, the Montreal duo have announced plans to officially release an EP's worth of the material. Quarantine Casanova is scheduled to arrive on June 5.

The five-track EP features charming titles like "'Roni Got Me Stressed Out" and "Cabin Fever" and was recorded — as you may have guessed — entirely in lockdown. It will be released alongside its instrumental tracks.

"You requested it, we did it...the Clorox Wipes are in stock! We spent the last 2 weeks recording mixing mastering our quaran-tunes and now they're ready," Chromeo wrote in a post. 

Previously, the duo shared snippets of "Clorox Wipe" and "6 Feet Away" via Instagram. Their steady output of "quaran-jams" started back in April.

Listen to a previously released clip of "Clorox Wipe" below, where you'll also find the EP's tracklist.

In related news, Chromeo's Dave 1 has also just launched a new project with his brother A-Trak. It's called the Brothers Macklovitch, and the duo have given us the new track "Give Love to Get Some," which you can also check out below. The song features R&B singer Leven Kali.

Quarantine Casanova:

1. Clorox Wipe⠀
2. 6 Feet Away⠀
3. Stay In Bed (And Do Nothing)⠀
4. 'Roni Got Me Stressed Out⠀
5. Cabin Fever ⠀

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