Chromeo Make Social Distancing Funky with "6 Feet Away"

The duo's new "quaran-tune" goes out "to all the lovers that go the distance"
Chromeo Make Social Distancing Funky with '6 Feet Away'
For all the talk of social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic, divorce lawyers are expected to see a flood of clients should couples decide they don't want to be locked down for life, let alone a period of months.

Thankfully, Chromeo are back with another new "quaran-tune," following their ode to the "Clorox Wipe." This time, the duo go live from their studio with "6 Feet Away," a song about keeping that good lovin' alive in these trying times — from a distance, of course.

"They're gonna scream at us if we're talking too close / But I'm alone in my house and it's you I need the most," Dave 1 sings in between urgent, talkbox-laden chorus sections.

"Shout out to all the lovers that go the distance," the duo wrote in the caption. "Hope this brings a smile." 

Hear the song below.

Chromeo also asked if they should share their "quaran-tunes" weekly, and based on the resounding consensus in the comments, it surely won't be the last time listeners get funked up in isolation.

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