'Dude, That's Insane: A Tribute to Chris Reimer' (short film)

'Dude, That's Insane: A Tribute to Chris Reimer' (short film)
After Women guitarist (and Dodos contributor) Chris Reimer tragically died in 2012, Calgary's Quickdraw Animation Society put together an animated tribute project called Dude, That's Insane: A Tribute to Chris Reimer. Following its premiere at Sled Island earlier this year, the film has now emerged online.

The film runs close to seven minutes in length, and it shows a ever-changing collage of freaky, surreal animations. The whole thing is soundtracked and inspired by Reimer's unreleased ambient music, which is beautiful and a little bit eery as it ranges from gentle acoustic plucking to staticky tones to sublime drones.

There are 17 animators involved, including Calgary star (and Reimer collaborator) Chad VanGaalen. The film was named after a misheard song lyric. An announcement from Quickdraw notes, "It's been amazing to see Chris' music and drawings directly inspire these strange and beautiful results, and now we're hoping the results will inspire others, too."

The artists involved, in order of appearance, are:

Ben Jacques
Ryan Von Hagen
Francesco Van Der Zwaag
Chad VanGaalen
Heather Kai Smith and Neal Moignard
Kiarra Albina
Tyler Longmire
Andrea Hoff
Norma-Jean Harvey
Robert Starratt
Laura Leif and Dana Schloss
Brian Batista
Brandon Blommaert
Sonki Sharar
Bradley Lewter

Watch the film below.