Women's Chris Reimer Gets Posthumous Release

Women's Chris Reimer Gets Posthumous Release
Earlier this year, Women guitarist and Calgary music great Chris Reimer tragically passed away at the age of 26. Now, his friends have announced plans to release a nine-track cassette he was working on at the time of his death.

The release is called The Chad Tape, because it originated from Reimer's interactions with Chad VanGaalen, who was initially planning to release a limited cassette of the Women member's ambient solo work. Sadly, Reimer died before he could complete the project. The artist's close friends have now assembled the songs for the cassette and created art out of his illustrations and handwriting.

The nine-track release will be available as a cassette, limited to 200 copies, and digital download on August 13. All proceeds from the release will go towards the Chris Reimer Legacy Fund, a charitable organization set up to provide scholarships for children in music and dance education.

For now, The Chad Tape is available to stream in its entirety below, and you can pre-order the release, as well as learn more about the project, here on Bandcamp.

The Chad Tape:

1. Trees Die in Switzerland
2. Carson Dial
3. Truck Middle (digital 1)
4. Stuck/Rvrs/Talentless Hack
5. Finnish Song (2)
6. Small Piece for Guitar
7. Truck Part One
8. First Cut/TV Water
9. Overweight Motorcycle Cops