Chris Cornell to Be Explored in New Biography

'Total F*cking Godhead' arrives this summer

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Feb 6, 2020

While a documentary on the life and work of Chris Cornell is still in the works, listeners will be able to learn more about the late rock icon in a new biography.

Titled Total F*cking Godhead, the book was authored by music journalist Corbin Reiff and is set to arrive July 28 through Simon & Schuster. You can find its full cover below.

Billed as "the first comprehensive biography" of Cornell, Total F*cking Godhead tells "the story of an artist who channelled his own inner turmoil into songs that touched the hearts of millions around the world and turned Chris Cornell into one of music's greatest icons."

An abstract for the book reads as follows:

Total F*cking Godhead is the complete story of the complex and enigmatic artist, Chris Cornell. It's the riveting account of a blue collar, high-school dropout emerging from Seattle, Washington to become one of the greatest singer-songwriters and voices of his generation. With input from people who knew and worked with him — together with Cornell's own words—the book recounts in great detail the rise of his immortal band Soundgarden as they emerged from the 1980s post-punk underground to dominate popular culture in the '90s alongside other Seattle bands like Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, and Nirvana.

Long-time Seattle resident and rock writer Corbin Reiff examines Cornell's dynamic solo career as well as his time in Audioslave. He delves into his hard-fought battle with addiction, as well as the supercharged reunion with the band that made him famous before everything ended tragically.

Cornell's widow and his Soundgarden bandmates are currently locked in a lawsuit over royalties.

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