Chris Brown Countersues over Frank Ocean Brawl Case

Chris Brown Countersues over Frank Ocean Brawl Case
The battle surrounding Chris Brown's parking lot brawl with Frank Ocean rages on. This summer, Ocean's cousin, Sha'keir Duarte, sued Brown for assault and battery, and now Brown has responded with a countersuit of his own.

According to Brown, he attempted to avoid the fight, but Duarte escalated things by threatening to kill him. Brown also says that Duarte punched and kicked him.

TMZ reports that Brown brands Duarte "aggressive and hostile" in the legal documents. He also accuses him of being in it for the money, arguing that his $2 million claim is excessive.

The fact that Brown has been undergoing rehab for anger management following another assault incident might not help his case.

The Frank Ocean scuffle took place in January of this year, when a fight emerged over a parking spot at a Los Angeles recording studio. Duarte alleged that he was beaten up by Brown's bodyguard, saying that Brown encouraged mocked Duarte and encouraged the bodyguard.

Ocean said that he wouldn't be pressing charges.