Chris Adler Addresses His Departure from Lamb of God

The drummer says he "did not make the decision to leave my life's work"
Chris Adler Addresses His Departure from Lamb of God
Photo: Ralph Arvesen
This past July, Lamb of God revealed they were entering the studio to record a new album without longtime drummer Chris Adler. While the remaining band members did not elaborate on what led to Adler's leave, the co-founder has now shed more light on his departure.

In a Facebook post today, Adler wrote that his 26 years of music-making with Lamb of God was "not flippant," writing that each member "sacrificed and lost much on a personal level to live the dream we had when we were kids."

"I will always love each member of the band for believing in me and agreeing to take on the world," Adler wrote. "We managed to find some love in the machine, but in turn it took things that cannot be recovered. I did not leave the dream. I did not make the decision to leave my life's work. The truth is that, I am unwilling to paint by numbers."

The rest of Adler's note reveals few specifics about how the decision was reached. He writes, "There is an ambiguous concept in our world of 'selling out.' I cannot define that outside of my personal understanding, but know that being trapped in a 'creative' formula and/or playing the same song 10,000 times did not bolster my love of playing. I'm never been one to 'phone it in.' I'd rather mow the grass."

Adler also addressed questions of whether or not a 2017 motorcycle accident was a factor in his departure from Lamb of God. The drummer wrote, "It's true that it was not pretty," referencing a shattered collarbone, shoulder and bone chips, "but I've been well since August of 2018. Thank you for your concerns." Adler's injuries forced him to sit out of supporting Slayer on the second leg of their farewell tour last year.

"I support my friends and the dream I allowed them to share in. I loved and am still humbled by every second of the smiles and horns we elicited," Adler continued. "I acknowledge and am truly grateful of achieving my childhood dream. I have 2 Grammys that sit on my mothers mantle piece. I think she deserves 3 so this party isn't over. I was not given a choice in this and my dream is alive."

The drummer noted, "I can assure you that you will hear from me again. I was given a gift and hope to continue to share it."

You can find Adler's complete statement below.

Adler co-founded Lamb of God in 1994 (then dubbed Burn the Priest) and played drums on each of the band's studio albums. His brother, Willie, remains with the group as a rhythm guitarist.

Adler's drumming is also featured on Testament's 2012 LP Dark Roots of EarthProtest the Hero's 2013 album Volition and Megadeth's 2016 album Dystopia.

Lamb of God's most recent studio album was 2015's VII: Sturm und Drang. Earlier this year, they treated their acclaimed Ashes of the Wake LP to a 15th anniversary reissue.

Recently, guitarist Mark Morton delivered his debut solo album, while vocalist Randy Blythe formed new band Over It All with members of Animals as Leaders and Sworn Enemy.