Children of Bodom Announce 'Hexed' LP

Children of Bodom Announce 'Hexed' LP
Just over three years from delivering their I Worship Chaos album, Children of Bodom have lifted the curtain on a follow-up effort.

Titled Hexed, the Finnish metal outfit's 10th studio album will arrive March 8 through Nuclear Blast. A tracklist points to the record running 11 tracks in length — 14 in total if you count the pair of live recordings and remix tacked on as extras.

"People have said that this album is generally catchier," frontman Alexi Laiho said in a press release. "So I started thinking about that, perhaps the song structures are easier to grasp on initial listen. But there's some crazy shit in there, almost progressive or at least technical. There are certain melodies across the album that could have come from jazz songs, although they're completely metal with us, of course."

Pre-orders for Hexed go live next Friday (December 7), with the band telling listeners to "keep your eyes & ears open" on that day for what could be a first single.


1. The Road
2. Under Grass and Clover
3. Glass Houses
4. Hecate's Nightmare
5. Kick in the Spleen
6. Platitudes and Barren Words
7. Hexed
8. Relapse (The Nature of My Crime)
9. Say Never Look Back
10. Soon Departed
11. Knuckleduster
12. I Worship Chaos (live)
13. Morrigan (live)
14. Knuckleduster (remix)