Cex Oops, I Did It Again!

If Cex (aka Rjyan Kidwell) was Canadian, you could guarantee that he would have a skit on this record mocking the Molson ads about having too much "Cex." It's a given. In fact, everything about this record screams hilarious; from the album and song titles to the horribly sick and twisted images of the inner sleeve (Cex murdering a girl with a steak knife) to the comedy skits that interrupt certain songs. Beginning with an unconventional ballad on acoustic guitar, the album completely misleads from the start. For an unsuspecting listener, Kansas quickly turns into Oz as you enter Cex's mind, a place surrounded by sparse beats, melodic Boards of Canada-type organ and wacked out hip-hop samples. "Florida (is shaped like a big droopy dick for a reason)" combines some fat beats, thick bass lines and ambient keyboards, but who can tell the difference? He's apparently a big fan of Jay-Z, and if you think about it, his beats are as close to a demented, tweaking Timbaland as you can get in the world of IDM. (Tigerbeat6)