Cephalic Carnage Anomalies

After 2002’s marginally disappointing Lucid Interval, Cephalic Carnage has restored their reputation as one of metal’s most punishing acts with this meticulously crafted exercise in controlled chaos. An impressive amount of territory is charted through a relentless cross-section of styles that keeps the album interesting from beginning to end. Wavering between tumultuous cacophony and precise technicalities, morphing from Southern grooves to slow and jazzy riffs, every note is executed with unflinching musicianship. This record is noticeably more musically diverse than previous releases but maintains an uncompromising brutality that is accented by unpredictable twists and turns. The recurring rock moments are the most notably dynamic and provide the necessary breather from the unyielding and enigmatic technicalities. Weighty grooves and fastidious riffs are incorporated into compelling song structures that vary as widely as the number of styles invoked. This being their fourth album, hopefully it’s safe to expect that they’ll be devastating the masses for years to come. (Relapse)