Céline Dion: "I'm Back"

She is planning a comeback Las Vegas show amidst her struggle with stiff-person syndrome

BY Alex HudsonPublished Jun 14, 2024

Céline Dion says that she's "back" after her performing career was put on hold due to the rare neurological condition stiff-person syndrome.

"We have been working so hard to put this show together, because I'm back," she told the BBC about her upcoming Las Vegas show. "I'll be on stage. I don't know when exactly, but trust me I will scream it out loud. I can't wait."

Dion will live with stiff-person syndrome for the rest of her life, and it's described as a progressive disorder causing muscle spasms. Nevertheless, she's been working to regain her strength enough to perform again.

"My voice will be rebuilt," she said. "I mean, it started a while ago already. My voice is being rebuilt as we speak, right now."

She added, "As the road to resuming my performing career continues, I have realized how much I have missed it, of being able to see my fans." She cancelled shows in 2021 due to her muscle spasms, and she hasn't performed live since.

Her documentary I Am: Celine Dion will come to Prime Video on June 25. It documents her struggles with stiff-person syndrome, and is intended to raise awareness about the condition. 

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