Cavity Supercollider

After giving up the ghost last year, Cavity’s first posthumous release is actually a reissue of 1999’s out of print full-length on the defunct Man’s Ruin label, re-mastered by bassist Daniel Gorostiaga and guitarist Ryan Weinstein. This version stays true to the original except for the unexplained omission of the excellent "Almost Blue,” but Gorostiaga and Weinstein each have added noise tracks that don’t really amount to much. The ultra-abrasive title track seems to worship Bongzilla blatantly, but obviously it’s the other way around. "Set In Cinders” and "Taint And Abandon” are certified doom anthems and the Sleep-y gait of "Threshold” and "Last Of The Final Goodbyes” wickedly complement the Eyehategod-reverent "Black Snake” and "How Much Lost.” "Inside My Spine” could be the most venomous Cavity track ever, as vocalist Anthony Vialon surely snorts lye and chases it with nitric acid, while "Damaged IV” is a snail’s-paced dive into what surely inspired Goatsnake’s debut album. The closer, Weinstein’s ambient echoing noisemaker "…Who Doesn’t Even Know Yet?,” lets fans catch their collective breath (at the very least) before tending to the bumps and bruises incurred from the first listen. If anything, the Supercollider reissue is a solid alternative to the exorbitant auction prices of the original — plus the glossiness of new photographic album art. (Hydra Head)