Cavity Laid Insignificant

Celebrating its tenth anniversary, Cavity’s Laid Insignificant is now lengthened by two tracks, remastered and re-released with new artwork by Isis’s Aaron Turner. Though their best album came out two years before as 1996’s Between the Train Station… and the Dumping Grounds, this long out-of-print EP is at least sonically improved over the original Bacteria Sour release. Purists will balk at Aaron Turner’s new cover art, ridiculously inferior to Pushead’s original bald girl holding an alien playing card — and of course, the album’s original mini-poster is not included — though the music found within will brighten the blackest of hearts. The title track and "Marginal Man” are crash’n’burn anthems, while "The Woods” and "9 Fingers on the Spider” are Iron Monkey-oozing sludge. Nixing the Septic Death cover "Demon” in favour of bonus tracks "Spine I” and "Spine II” (both outtakes from the original sessions and previously released on Miscellaneous Recollections ’92-’97), the latter is eerily equivalent to Eyehategod’s "Blank,” recorded four years prior. Ending with the depraved ballad "A Bitter Cold Spell,” Cavity once again rule eternal misery from the grave. (Hydra Head)