Cavity On The Lam

Miami's Cavity has always been worlds away from the glitzy trappings of their hometown. These Florida rejects can sling the sludge metal just as well as their brethren in filth: Eyehategod, Buzzov*en, Sourvein, Iron Monkey (R.I.P.), and the like. the group is second only to EHG in successfully using amplifier feedback as an instrument, though both bands were formed at roughly the same time in the early '90s. "I don't consider us to be pioneers or anything," says bassist Daniel Gorostiaga. "Eyehategod are more popular than us, but I do recognise the comparisons because we both came from the same roots of punk/hardcore and metal." The band's long awaited full-length, On The Lam, is wonderfully crushing and also their most accessible album yet - more groove-based but no less heavy. "This record's more cohesive because we all added to the songwriting this time around," he explains. "It's really the first time we've done that so effectively; basically on albums like Laid Insignificant [Bacteria Sour, 1998], I wrote most of the music." The album is Cavity's first for Hydra Head, one of underground metal's most respected labels, and also the band's fourth home, due to bankruptcies and such. "We never wanted to be pigeonholed to one label, but we always were offered better deals," he admits. "It was just unfortunate for us that two of our labels - first Rhetoric, then Man's Ruin - went out of business suddenly." Many of the album cuts, like "Willy Williams" and "Sweat And Swagger," lean slightly toward their near-industrial repetition on '99s Supercollider, on the now defunct Man's Ruin label, and the instrumental "9" digs its grave between old Electric Wizard and Sleep. "We're remastering Supercollider for release on Hydra Head later this year," he adds. "We just want fans to have the music and not resort to paying super-inflated prices on eBay." Fans have been spoiled this past year by the release of a full-length plus an excellent odds 'n' sods set, Miscellaneous Recollections '92-'97, on Kapow! Records, which shamelessly did not compile every single track from their various out-of-print vinyl nuggets. "That was on purpose, because we're hoping to put out a Miscellaneous Recollections Part Two sometime soon that will contain the remaining songs," says Gorostiaga. "With that, the Hydra Head reissue, and a possible spring tour, we're all set for the new year." (Hydra Head)