Casper Skulls

Lips & Skull EP

BY Alexander HarrisPublished Oct 26, 2016

Casper Skulls' first EP on Buzz Records is certain to generate some attention outside of the rock quartet's home base in Toronto. Lips & Skull is an EP that drifts slightly from the band's punk roots towards hard-hitting, accessible and spellbinding rock.
Opener "Devotion" resembles Casper Skulls' previous releases, demonstrating the band's post-punk bona fides, while title track "Lips & Skull" takes a slight turn, rocking punchier structures — the song features alternating vocals from Melanie Gail St-Pierre and Neil Bednis — that will still shake the floor. "Errands" is an album highlight that puts the rhythm section on display, as heavily distorted bass melds perfectly with crisp percussion and driving guitar. It's a song that showcases the band's songwriting direction and hints at what Steve Malkmus may have sounded like if he'd ever tuned his guitar. "Caught on a Wire" closes things with a cascade of guitar that's enough to make the listener realize how quiet the room is as soon as the record wraps up.
Casper Skulls have found their sound and they know it. Big, loud and catchy, Lips & Skull serves as a serious launching point for the band, and a good reason for listeners to start excitedly imagining what might come next.

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