Cashmere Cat "Ice Rink" (ft. DJ Mustard)

Cashmere Cat 'Ice Rink' (ft. DJ Mustard)
Norway's Cashmere Cat (a.k.a. Magnus August Høiberg) is spicing things up by putting some mustard on a beat, chiefly by grabbing Cali producer du jour DJ Mustard for a collaborative track. With the winter season still in full swing, they've issued their slippery, synth-swerving "Ice Rink."

Despite the chilly song title and some icy snaps, keyboard tones and vocal samples melt and drip throughout the track, almost as if the surface of the beat were warmed by the slash of a pair of razor sharp skates. Mustard throws in his signature DJ tag, with some hip-hop "heys" thrown in for good measure.

Cashmere Cat reports in a statement that the song was made in Mustard's Burbank, CA, last January, and is "the first of many beats we did together."

Keep your body moving during these cold, cold days by giving the tag-team track a spin down below.