​Cardi B and Bernie Sanders Sat Down and Talked Politics

​Cardi B and Bernie Sanders Sat Down and Talked Politics
Cardi B is the latest celebrity to boost Bernie Sanders. The pair reportedly sat down for an intimate Q&A session yesterday (July 29).
The meeting happened a couple weeks after Cardi B voiced her support for Sanders on Twitter.
According to Sanders, they "had a great conversation about the future of America," and the importance of getting young people politically involved.
He also revealed that they would be releasing a video soon.
Controversial Republican and "Blexit" campaign leader Candace Owens responded to the pair's meeting, offering $250,000 USD to a political campaign of Cardi B's choosing if the rapper was willing to debate her stance with Owens or another black conservative.
Cardi replied by suggesting that Owens donate the sum of money to a charity. She also noted that she's happy to sit down and talk with other political leaders, as well.
Cardi also maintained that her goal is to educate youth on an array of candidates and "to advocate and spread the message on ANY candidate they chose to support."