Caracol The Great Hall, Toronto ON, April 20

Caracol The Great Hall, Toronto ON, April 20
Photo: Calum Slingerland
Though Caracol is known to many as a folk artist, the singer-songwriter born Carole Facal is set to undergo a musical sea change if her short Canadian Music Week performance was any indication. Making the most of her opening slot, Facal and partner/producer Seb Ruban (Sébastien Blais-Montpetit) delivered a set of all-new material from Facal's upcoming fourth record, firmly rooted in pop and electronic.
The set's opening song saw Facal backed by a rolling drum loop and arpeggiated keys from Ruban, her voice lilting effortlessly between notes while she played a drum trigger pad of her own. Armed with two mics, she looped and layered her own vocals through effects pedals, making for some rich-sounding three-part harmonies and even a moment of round singing with herself.
Some faulty cables derailed the set for a few moments when it came time to use a harmonizer, prompting Facal to joke, "Of course this never happens at home." In getting back on track for a strong finish, though, the two closed the set with a thumping slice of electro pop dominated by active synth bass and drums, with Facal singing in French. One would be wise to bet that the already-sharp production sounds even better on record.